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2009 was’s best year yet – over 150,000 site visits resulting in over 275,000 pageviews. Not bad for a little community website.

Every month we summarize the Top 5 blog posts of the previous month which makes for some interesting trend spotting. But once a year we’re able to report back on the biggest stories of the year in Kitsilano and here they are:

  1. A Sneek Peek inside Local Public Eatery – October 22nd
  2. Confirmed: Jackson’s Meats is returning to West 4th Avenue – March 11th
  3. Broadway Coffee and Tea Changes – January 27th
  4. VPD investigate Murder in Kitsilano – August 4th
  5. Kits Beach named Top 10 sexiest beach in North America – July 7th
  6. Joeys Gastro Pub coming to Malones Corner – August 18th
  7. West 4th vs West Broadway – Where is a better place to live? – March 4th
  8. The Coolest Apartments in Kitsilano – June 14th
  9. IGA Lot Development Open House – April 15th
  10. Pedestrian/Bike Bridge Proposed for False Creek – July 3rd
  11. Top 10 Kitsilano Businesses on Twitter – June 15th
  12. Why We Love Our Billy Bishop – May 4th
  13. Caffe Artigiano Coming to Kits – January 31st
  14. Kitsilano: Mostly White & Childless – September 5th
  15. Wal-Mart Coming to Kits – April 1st

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