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Alexandra Gill of the Globe and Mail also stopped at Watermark. If you have been reading this blog for a while, it should come as no surprise that the review isn’t favourable. Rob has told us over and over (and over) again that – apart from the view – Watermark has sucked from the beginning, and still does. From the article:

I first visited the Kitsilano Beach concession-stand conversion shortly after it opened in 2005. Back then I wrote: “On the surface, this new $7-million restaurant is a mind-blowing stunner. But once you taste the crap coming out of the kitchen, the sheer waste of it all makes you want to cry.”

Three years later, our lady of the lido looks more like the scandal-weathered Duchess of Cornwall: slightly improved, tolerably legitimate, yet still far too mucky ever to dazzle the masses.

Don’t think they will ever be inclined to change anything, as out-of-kitsers happily flock to it day-after-day.

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Last modified: May 21, 2008

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  1. darren says:

    I like this Alexandra Gill! Being focused on service myself, it’s nice to read someone who’s also got an opinion on the subject…and isn’t afraid to say what most probably think.