Watermark: Strike three, you’re out… for now


Jamie Maw of Vancouver Magazine tackles Kitsilano’s Watermark in this month’s edition.  While he agrees with other food critics and loves the building and atmosphere, he delivers the 3rd strike (strike 1, strike 2) on this new eatery. Watermark, you’re out.

Watermarkinterior Holding Watermark up to the light is no easy task. First, it needs to define its purpose. Second, the menu needs some serious recalibration and a visit to San Francisco to see exactly how high-volume, tourist-dependent restaurants cook for the masses without anyone’s feelings getting hurt. Right now, the food falls well short of the glorious room, the kitchen clearly unprepared and the thought of refined, casual dining under the night sky a still-distant promise.

Read back through this blog and you’ll see that Mikey and I were in full support of this beach restaurant venture from day one and they is nobody more upset that it has not measured up (other than Lynda Larouche).  We’re going to cut Watermark some slack for a couple months and see if it can get its head above water.

Last modified: September 9, 2005

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