Watermark: Strike Two


This week in the Westender, Andrew Morrison (aka Waiterblog) delivered another strike against Watermark at Kits Beach with his review titled: Beautiful view, shame about the food.

That makes it two strikes when you include Alexandra Gill’s review. Andrew makes a great point regarding the amazing influence Watermark will have on Vancouver’s restaurant scene.

Whether Watermark likes it or not, it became our newest ambassador the moment it opened its doors. It will represent our food culture to thousands of visitors every month, whether we like it our not. Instead of taking up the torch to showcase what our regional cuisine is capable of (yes, even in the hot market of casual fine dining), it appears to have gone the well-rutted route to pleasing the palates of those who gave birth to the oldest and ugliest of restaurant truths, that a room with a view writes its own checks and every dissatisfied diner will be replaced by five others.

I’m not too concerned about the tourists – I’ve got a $100 gift card to use, so I hope they get their act together pronto.

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Last modified: November 18, 2008

One Response to " Watermark: Strike Two "

  1. Off the Mark says:

    Waiterblog knows his stuff and doesn’t pussy-foot around when a restaurant disappoints. Barnett better take some of this advice.