Greens Market Adds Raw Food Café

Indigo Food Cafe Berry Cheesecake

The berry cheesecake which contains almonds, dates, cashews, coconut oil, psyllium husk, agave, and vanilla. Photo credit: Stephen Hui

Greens Organic & Natural Market in Kitsilano recently welcomed Indigo Food Café, which opened inside their store, right next to the deli. Indigo, a locally owned restaurant operated by Lovena Galyide, was outgrowing its location on West 16th. The new the grocery store on Broadway means more room for storage and production, plus Indigo can benefit from the access to Greens’ local farm suppliers. Read more…

Kitsilano Youth Fight Losing Pine Free Health Clinic

Image: Yelp

Image: Yelp

Kitsilano residents are protesting the closure of Pine Free Clinic, a longtime walk-in youth clinic at 1985 West Fourth Avenue. An online petition demanding that Vancouver Coastal Health provide more information about the closure of Pine Free Youth Clinic has 397 signatures on thus far.

The petition reads: “If the Pine Free is terminated, our community, and specifically our youths, will experience an increase in drug abuse, suicide, STI’s, depression, eating disorders, and pregnancy.”

As reported by the Courier, Bryan LaRochelle started the petition when he found out from people working at Pine Free that Vancouver Coastal Health plans to close the clinic down. Operating for more than 40 years, the clinic is well known to youth as a safe place to go for questions about sexual and mental health. UBC students, in particular, use it for STD and pregnancy testing. Staff are known to be supportive an non-judgmental. You may have seen the line up at Pine Free walking by, it often extends out the door and onto the sidewalk. Read more…

Kitsilano Rental Sale Sets Record Price


In the pre-kids days, before space needs overtook atmosphere in our property rankings, my husband and I always kept an eye out for the apartment rentals in Kitsilano with ocean views. Our best was an ancient-but-scenic two bedroom in an eight-unit apartment building on the beach side of Cornwall. We had a view of the water from every room in the house, floor-to-ceiling in the living room. Moving was tough, although necessary. I learned what homesick meant when I had coffee on the couch in our next place and didn’t see the reassuring grey-blue of English Bay.  When we saw the recent BIV post about an old eight-unit apartment building on Cornwall setting a record price per suite, we wondered if it was ours. The building sold this month for $5,025,000 total, or $628,125 per apartment door.

Want to Play Table Tennis in Kits? Join the Kitsilano Ping Pong Social Club

ping_pong_paddlesA ping pong table is an invaluable workspace. It’s great for wrapping presents, laying out photos, having lunch, folding laundry and so much more. For those who have friends who play table tennis, a ping pong table is also the obsession-worthy epicentre of the ping pong club world. You know, where all the sweaty, high-speed action happens.

Apparently, Kitsilano has a lot of individuals who are into table tennis. They’ve gone and started the Kitsilano Ping Pong Social Club which takes place every Thursday night at the Billy Bishop Legion (upper level) in Kits. All you have to do to participate is book a table.

Warning: this sport is addictive. Why? Because in a world of anxiety-ridden folks, there’s something abut the speed of the tiny ball and the clack of the paddles that allows you to shut out the constant, tiny nagging voice and enter The Zone. Or so I hear.

Email for more deets.

5 Indulgent Easter Treats from Kitsilano Shops

Easter chocolate

Image: Thomas Haas Chocolates

We’ve already filled you in on all the best Easter events and toddler treats in and around the neighbourhood, but what about some guilty pleasures you can justifiably indulge in over the long weekend? I’m not just talking chocolate (although the sweet stuff admittedly pops up more than once on my list), but all things Easter-themed that will spoil you rotten for the holiday. Here are 5 indulgent Easter baskets ideas found in Kitsilano shops and boutiques.  Read more…

5 Sugar-Free Easter Treats for Kids

Naturally dyed eggs

Naturally dyed eggs

Easter treat shopping for a young child this week? You may want to consider some alternatives to the usual sugar-laden options, so try these 5 sugar-free Easter treats and activities for tots below. Of course, you could always include a few pieces of that divine stuff from Chocolate Arts in their baskets. You could eat it for them and do their teeth a favour, right? Read more…

Heritage Vancouver Names Hollywood Theatre #1 Endangered Site for 2014


The Heritage Vancouver Society has released its annual list of top 10 endangered sites in the city. Our very own Hollywood Theatre is top on the list:

“The Art Deco Hollywood Theatre is a precious community landmark built in 1935-36, and one of our last intact neighborhood theatres. The current owner has not expressed interest in retaining the interior of this significant theatre and has not found a buyer who would maintain its public assembly use. The only proposal so far would retain the facade, make significant changes to the interior and end the building’s use as a cultural community space.” — Heritage Vancouver Society

What happens next? Well, Kits residents are known for civic action. We’ll leave that in your capable hands.

5 Cool Things to Do in Vancouver in Spring

things to do in Vancouver in spring

Image: Pixabay/Steinchen

Balmy breezes. Blossoms. More sun. Warm weather is on its way back, along with your desire to get outdoors and explore Vancouver. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up five cool things to do in Vancouver in spring. Go play outside! Read more…

A Week in Drink Specials in Kitsilano

Image: Local/jerbeland

Image: Local/jerbeland

We may be known for our coffee shops and yoga studios, but Kits is also home to a pretty great selection of bars, pubs, and patios. I tend to stay close to home on my nights out and I’m restricted by the budget of a writer, which means I’m well versed in the drink specials in our neighbourhood.

Here are some of my favourite spots and their best deals. I’ve got you covered for every night of the week.

Read more…