Taste of Thanksgiving at Whole Foods Thursday, September 29

Whether you want an evening of holiday indulgence or need inspiration for your Thanksgiving Dinner,  Whole Foods’ annual Taste of Thanksgiving event is a must. This Thursday, September 29, from 5-8pm, The Whole Foods on West 4th will be serving up Thanksgiving classics and vegetarian and vegan options. Read more…

A royal Sunday in Kitsilano

royals kitsilano

The shiny, happy royals spent some time in Kitsilano this weekend. As reported by CBC News, the royal tour of Vancouver wrapped up at the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base where Prince William and Kate boarded a hovercraft for their journey back to Victoria. Read more…

Free fun in Kits: Seaforth Highlanders homecoming parade Saturday, Sept. 24


The Seaforth Highlanders, Vancouver’s Infantry Regiment, are moving back into the Armoury at 1650 Burrard Street in Kits after four years of renovations to the building.  To celebrate their move back into the building, the Highlanders are inviting all to attend a series of free events that they have planned for the day – parade through Kitsilano, Parade Drumhead Ceremony and a Military Tattoo with lots of performers, including Chor Leoni.

The day’s festivities will begin with a march led by the Seaforth Pipes & Drums, from the Jericho Garrison, where the Seaforth Highlanders have been stationed for the past four years, to the refurbished Seaforth Armoury. The official ceremony to reopen the Armoury will be followed by a formal parade and a Drumhead Ceremony. The afternoon will end with an entertaining and spirited military tattoo with musical performances. Read more…

No car, no cable, no cash: tips for low-income living in Kits

Photo credit: ArielKettle

Photo credit: ArielKettle

Living on a low income simply means that there are some things that you will have to do without. If you prioritize happiness and sculpt a lifestyle that caters to you and your wants and needs, then ideally these things will not be missed. Each person will make different choices about what they can easily cut out of their lives. For me, the three things that many people around me have in their lives that I’ve chosen to cut out of my own rarely even impact my day-to-day. Read more…

Cool event alert: Bike the Night takes place in Kitsilano Sept. 16


Looking for cool Friday evening plans? Bike the Night kicks off Friday evening at Granville Park (corner of Pine and 15th) and follows a 10-kilometre route through Kitsilano. It ends in Connaught Park (near 10th and Vine).

Organized by HUB Cycling, the event is part fitness and part research. Cyclists will get the chance to familiarize themselves with the future of the Arbutus Greenway. It also involves a pre-party with perks like snacks and bike repair as well as an after party at a Kits pub.

“It’s family-friendly and kids under 12 are free — all you need is to be able to ride a bike in a fairly straight line,” Laura Jane, HUB’s director of corporate engagement and events told Vancouver Courier. Read more…

September is Star Trek Month at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre


To kick off their SciFi Fall, the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre presents: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Celebration.

On, September 8, come out to support your favourite Star Trek captain at the Geeks versus Nerds Vancouver debate and after watch the Trekkie documentary with fellow fans. Then, Star Trek month continues with a Star Trek family weekend and a movie double bill. Read more…

Free fun: Gorgeous one-day hikes around Vancouver

free things to do Vancouver

Image: Olivia Kelava

Why the heck are any of us living in Vancouver in the first place if we’re not going on hikes on at least a semi-regular basis?

You may not be athletically-inclined, and that’s fair, or you may hate bugs and dirt, and that’s okay, but the appeal of the hike is that it can be as intense or as laid-back as you choose. BC is overflowing with trails of all varieties that are sure to offer your Goldilocks experience – not too much and not too little, but just the right amount of outdoors-y intensity for you. Read more…