5 Sugar-Free Easter Treats for Kids

Naturally dyed eggs

Naturally dyed eggs

Easter treat shopping for a young child this week? You may want to consider some alternatives to the usual sugar-laden options, so try these 5 sugar-free Easter treats and activities for tots below. Of course, you could always include a few pieces of that divine stuff from Chocolate Arts in their baskets. You could eat it for them and do their teeth a favour, right? Read more…

Heritage Vancouver Names Hollywood Theatre #1 Endangered Site for 2014


The Heritage Vancouver Society has released its annual list of top 10 endangered sites in the city. Our very own Hollywood Theatre is top on the list:

“The Art Deco Hollywood Theatre is a precious community landmark built in 1935-36, and one of our last intact neighborhood theatres. The current owner has not expressed interest in retaining the interior of this significant theatre and has not found a buyer who would maintain its public assembly use. The only proposal so far would retain the facade, make significant changes to the interior and end the building’s use as a cultural community space.” — Heritage Vancouver Society

What happens next? Well, Kits residents are known for civic action. We’ll leave that in your capable hands.

5 Cool Things to Do in Vancouver in Spring

things to do in Vancouver in spring

Image: Pixabay/Steinchen

Balmy breezes. Blossoms. More sun. Warm weather is on its way back, along with your desire to get outdoors and explore Vancouver. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up five cool things to do in Vancouver in spring. Go play outside! Read more…

A Week in Drink Specials in Kitsilano

Image: Local/jerbeland

Image: Local/jerbeland

We may be known for our coffee shops and yoga studios, but Kits is also home to a pretty great selection of bars, pubs, and patios. I tend to stay close to home on my nights out and I’m restricted by the budget of a writer, which means I’m well versed in the drink specials in our neighbourhood.

Here are some of my favourite spots and their best deals. I’ve got you covered for every night of the week.

Read more…

Bikram Yoga Closes in Kitsilano. Guru Scandal to Blame?

Bikram Choudhury

Bikram Choudhury in his youth

Bikram Yoga Vancouver has closed their West End and Kitsilano studio locations. The last sweat sessions were held on March 30. Their Cambie studio, located at 555 West 12th at City Square Mall will remain open, but for how long?

The competition is fierce for yoga studios in our city, with over 7 studios in Kitsilano alone, and dozens more in the surrounding neighbourhoods. As we approach the balmier months, it is especially challenging for hot yoga varieties such as Bikram and Moksha to hold onto their clients. It hasn’t helped business either, with Bikram Choudhury, the founder of Bikram Yoga, and his fantastical, but now disputed health claims or his lifestyle in Beverly Hills that hardly resembles that of a yogi. Or perhaps the recent and rather serious accusations against Choudhury are to blame for a decline in membership. Read more…

Icebreaker Launches Yoga Collection for Women

image006If you’re bored with Lululemon or simply looking for yoga wear made from better textiles, Icebreaker‘s new yoga collection should pique your interest. The merino specialist (located at 2089 W 4th Ave.)  is launching its first yoga-inspired garments for Spring/Summer 2014.

Image: Icebreaker

Image: Icebreaker

Wool is ideal for fitness, as our lumberjack B.C. residents of yore can attest to, because  it breathes to prevent overheating, resists odour and feels pretty nice, even when you’re sweating.

The line includes merino wool tops, leggings and hoodies for women. These aren’t cable knits. We’re talking light, soft and airy. If you’re thinking the way I am, you’re also going to want to wear them on your next jog.

Icebreaker, 2089 W 4th Ave., 778-329-2710, Icebreaker.com

Food Porn: Lucky’s Tiramisu Doughnut

Image: Tiramisu bismarck at Lucky's

Image: Tiramisu bismarck at Lucky’s

This post is about the tiramisu bismarck at Lucky’s Doughnuts. We’d rather be having the tiramisu doughnut for breakfast right now than our usual porridge. Why? Because it’s a light-as-air yeast doughnut topped with fluffy mascarpone and dusted with cocoa powder; it might ascend were it not anchored down by the sinfully pleasurable goop known as coffee pastry cream. In contrast, our porridge is grey gruel – tedious, fibrous fuel – sweetened only by mouth-puckering out-of-season berries.

But how to justify buying one on a Tuesday, not even a weekend splurge day? Maybe if we bought a box of them, we could give them to a friend or colleague who would surely invite us to share one over a coffee. Better still, we could organize our next interview at Lucky’s and order one … to share, of course. OR: we could write a very short blog post about the tiramisu bismarck. Because if we did that, everyone at Kitsilano.ca would have to try one. It would be a blogger duty.


Lucky’s Doughnuts, 2198 West 4th Avenue, 604.420.4901, Luckysdoughnuts.com