Fall Fashion Trends and Where to Find Them in Kitsilano

Acne sweater. Image: Gravity Pope

Acne sweater. Image: Gravity Pope

Fashion on 4th, hosted this past Thursday by Sarah Bancroft at Bimini Public House, introduced us to a horde of fall fashion trends, and, even better, told us exactly where we could find them on West 4th.

A few common themes were rich, bold colours – blue-black as the new go-to neutral and ox blood (or merlot, as I prefer to call it) as the favoured vibrant hue – as well as statement outerwear, military details, and skinny jeans (they’re not going anywhere for a while). A couple styling trends I will definitely indulge in include running shoes with skirts (ideal!), the collegiate look (skinny sweats and bomber jackets, again – ideal), and 80′s-style baggy tops over tight bottoms (do I have to say it again?).

All of these trending looks are ideal because they bring comfort to the forefront, which is exactly what we all need at this time of the year. With a couple choice accessories and lots of bold colour, comfort can also be stylish.

Here are a few of my favourite picks from spots along West 4th, so that you can feel cozy and chic all at once. Read more…

Proposal to Change Vanier Park Draws Fire from Kits Residents

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 9.12.35 PM

Kits residents galvanize to action when there’s a proposed change to their parks and the new plan for Vanier Park, pushed forward by Bard on the Beach (BOTB), is no different.

BOTB wants to remove part of Vanier Park’s lawn and replace it with a hard surface such as pavement or gravel. They have good reasons. But still. The response from Kits seems appropriate. Folks want to know: exactly how much of an impact should commercial enterprises be allowed to have on public parks?

Here’s the scoop, as reported by Business in Vancouver. We’ve also included how to impact the outcome on Vanier by filling out the surveyRead more…

3 Open Houses in Kits This Weekend


The fall real estate market is in full swing, so you’ll see lots of Open Houses this weekend. Take a look at out top choices for a condo, townhouse and house in Kits; follow the link to LiveKitsilano.com to see a full list of every open house.

3 Open Houses in Kits This Weekend

Read more…

5 Ways to Welcome Autumn in Kitsilano

Pumpkin Pie

You know it’s nearly autumn when your sweaters and boots suddenly appear from the back of the closet, squirrels hastily begin collecting acorns outside, and the couch starts to look mighty cozy in the evenings. We’ve got 5 ways for you to get out and welcome autumn in Kitsilano and here they are:

5 Ways to Welcome Autumn in Kitsilano

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Lucky’s Doughnuts Launches New Menu; Pumpkin Doughnuts Are Back


Go buy elastic waist pants. Lucky’s Doughnuts, our local doughnut shop that operates out of 49th Parallel Coffee (2198 West 4th) , launches their new menu today. They’ve remixed old favourites; they’ve added new wonders.

Pumpkin doughnuts return with a few tweaks (see above). There’s a magical breakfast cruller with maple icing and candied peppercorn bacon (see below). We’re tempted to use that as the carb in a wacky sweet-meets-savoury-eggs breakfast sandwich.  Other standouts: chocolate chip cookie dough (what?!) and a matcha bismarck. Ummm, eat your greens? 

Food porn photos below: Read more…

A Tale of Two BC Apple Festivals


Every year, we cover the annual fall UBC Apple Festival. This year, we’re bringing you even more fall harvest goodness and more access to tasty apple pies.

UBC Apple Festival takes place October 18-19, 2014. But there’s another apple festival on our radar. The Salt Spring Island Apple Festival takes place September 28, 2014. It’s a little farther afield and totally worth the trip. Salt Spring has been growing apples since 1860. Today over 350 varieties of organic apples grow on the island.

Details on the festivals are below. You don’t have to choose. They’re on different weekends. Why not hit up both? Read more…

3 Open Houses in Kits This Weekend

The Kitsilano real estate market has picked up pace this fall. We’re seeing lots of new listings, and price drops with many of the older listings that haven’t sold. We expect a lot of activity this weekend at the Open Houses, so make sure you get in to see the homes that have caught your eye before they sell.
Here’s a full list of all homes with Open Houses in Kitsilano this weekend: www.livekitsilano.com/open-houses. Below are some notable listings with Open Houses:

3 Open Houses in Kits This Weekend

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3 Family Friendly Events in Vancouver this Weekend

Southlands Country Fair

Southlands Country Fair

Summer is refusing to give into the next season and this weekend’s forecast will certainly prove its defiance. Sure, you could head on down to the beach but consider venturing out of our Kitsilano neighbourhood to check out some other interesting areas. Here are 3 family friendly events this weekend to do just that.

3 Family Friendly Events this Weekend

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Calling All Kits Foodies: Chocolatier Greg Hook Teams Up With France’s Or Noir To Create Irresistible “Allure” Chocolate


On Saturday, September 20, Kitsilano’s Chocolate Arts chocolate shop and café releases Allure, a signature chocolate created in collaboration with renowned French chocolate house Cacao Barry.

Chocolatier Greg Hook is the first artisan chocolatier in Canada to visit their Or Noir laboratory and blend his own signature chocolate. Allure will embody the precise flavour profile and characteristics Hook/Chocolate Arts desires in their chocolate consisting of: bitter, sweet, aromatic, fruity and cocoa.

Allure will be available in various chocolates and pastries at Chocolate Arts chocolate shop and café, as well as in various formats for home use. Read more…