New Data Confirms Vancouverites Pay The Highest Apartment Rental Rates in Canada

apartments for rent in Kitsilano

A $1,200/month studio in Kitsilano. Image: Global News, one of Canada’s largest and most visited online apartment finders, has published the average costs for apartment rentals in cities across Canada.

We’re sure you won’t be surprised to learn that living in large centres in Canada comes with higher rent. We’ll just reconfirm it with stats. Apartment rental prices in B.C.’s lower mainland and the Greater Toronto Area top the list when it comes to high rental prices. Toronto’s average price for a two-bedroom unit is $1,269 and in Vancouver it is $1,345.

Here’s a look at what (roughly) $1,200 will get you in a handful of cities across Canada, and in Kitsilano specifically, by way of Global News. Here’s a list of apartments for rent in Kitsilano now.

LUSH West 4th Reopens Better Than Ever August 3 + Party August 22


One of West 4th’s oldest residents has recently received an overwhelming upgrade. LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, located on 4th Avenue between Yew and Vine, has been closed for the majority of July for a complete overhaul, bringing the 15 year old shop up to par with its neighbours and with the other LUSH stores in the lower mainland. The Lush Kits shop reopens Monday, August 3, with a grand opening party scheduled for August 22. Read more…

Powell Street Festival Celebrates Japanese Canadian Culture August 1-2


Summer is the season for free festivals. If you’ve already spent your vacation budget, check out Powell Street Festival this weekend, another great and free event that’s worth your while.

Before the Second World War, the Downtown Eastside was home to the largest Japanese Canadian community in Canada. Powell Street Festival puts the spotlight on the history of this community on Aug. 1-2. The event celebrates all aspects of Japanese Canadian culture and includes food stalls, crafts, dance, music, walking tours, sumo wrestling, a David Suzuki lecture and more.

Now the longest-running community event in Vancouver, the festival fuses east and west, traditional and quirky, at Oppenheimer Park and surrounding venues.

Find out more about the must-see shows in the Georgia Straight coverage or this article in 24hours Vancouver. If you’re only in it for the food, we can assure you that the sake, sushi, ramen, Japadogs, karaage fried chicken, osaka balls, gyoza  and grilled corn will be out of this world. Attend hungry.

Find more free cultural festivals in Vancouver in August here.

4 Free Cultural Festivals in Vancouver in August

Jultagi - Korean  tightrope walking. Image credit:

Jultagi – Korean tightrope walking. Image credit:

Looking for free fun for the month of August? Vancouver and surrounding cities have a lot of festivals planned to keep you occupied before the end of summer arrives. Here we’ve chosen 4 cultural festivals for you to check out. All are free, family friendly, and celebrate Vancouver’s multiculturalism.

4 Free Cultural Festivals for August in and around Vancouver

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UBC Farm Market: Thrice Weekly, Organic, and Worth It

Image: UBC Farm

Image: UBC Farm

You know all about Kitsilano Farmers Market. But have you checked out the UBC Farm Market yet? Whether you need farm fresh produce during the week, don’t like rushing out of the hosue on Sundays for the Kits market, or are just curious in learning more about sustainable agriculture, this market makes it really pleasurable and easy.

UBC Farm Market take place at UBC campus Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays through October. Produce, honey and eggs are from UBC Farm — a 24-ha integrated production farm situated within a 90-year old coastal hemlock forest. UBC Farm grows over 200 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The farm also features honey bee hives and egg laying, open pasture hens.

All produce is grown according to British Columbia Certified Organic Management Standards. However, the UBC Farm does not have organic certification.

Details on the UBC Farm Market schedule below: Read more…

Best Summer Brunch Spots in Kitsilano

Image: The Culinary Geek

Image: The Culinary Geek

AnnaLena‘s new and delicious brunch menu has inspired us to seek out the best brunch spots in the neighbourhood. With only a handful of summer Sundays left, it’s time to start scheduling in those brunch dates to make sure you don’t miss any opportunity for morning Caesars in the sun.

Here are some of our favourite spots for summer brunch in Kitsilano right now: Read more…

150 Millimetres of Rain Needed To Replenish Vancouver Reservoirs

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

The Vancouver forecast calls for rain today. Great; we need it. But don’t let up on your dedication to water conservation. It will take 150 millimetres of rain to replenish Vancouver’s reservoirs, which are currently at 69%. That’s about two months of non-stop rain. Vancouver is currently on Stage 3 Water Restrictions. The fine for watering your lawn is $250. Resist the urge. Keep doing the right thing!

5 Ways To Ward Off Killer Kitsilano Mosquitoes

It’s coming for you! Image credit:

Have you noticed those pesky little flying insects, particularly this week? You know the ones that keep you awake at night with that annoying buzz, not to mention the even more annoying bite left behind after it has sucked away a bit of your blood? Oh those lovely mosquitoes, claiming the title of the most deadliest animals on earth.

Well, they are out in full force right now, attacking you while you are on your way to work, while you are playing with the kids at the playground, and while you try to enjoy a cold one at your favourite bar patio – this even with our serious drought conditions (let’s blame that neighbour who keeps watering their lawn for harbouring mosquito larvae…) Here are 5 ways to help you cope with the buggers.

5 Ways to Ward Off  Mosquitoes in Kitsilano

Read more…

Kit and Ace Kitsilano Grand Opening

Image: Kit and Ace

Image: Kit and Ace

Kit & Ace, another Wilson family conception, has opened its doors in Kitsilano at 2235 West 4th. The grand opening party last week did not disappoint. With gin-and-blueberry popsicles courtesy of Glory Juice, Moscow Mules that were dangerously delicious, and the who’s who of Vancouver done up in their suspiciously coordinated casual-cocktail-wear, the celebration was a success to say the least.

Also on hand were an abundance of shop employees eager to explain the ins and outs of “technical cashmere” and to enthusiastically attest to the flawless craftsmanship and genuine TLC that goes into every piece of clothing. There was an obvious colour palette with this season’s line, showcasing primarily burnt orange and tones of blue popping against the neutral whites, blacks, and grays that dominated the store. Read more…

Fun Alert: Celebration of Light Fireworks Starts Saturday, July 25

fireworksThe Honda Celebration of Light Fireworks competition kicks off this Saturday, July 25. Kitsilano is lucky to have two of the prime Vancouver fireworks viewing spots: Kitsilano Beach and Vanier Park. Roads close down during this well-attended summer event. Kits residents are encouraged to walk, bus or bike to the viewing areas. Although the pyrotechnics don’t kick off until 10pm, the picnic areas are packed hours before with families and friends who eat and socialize until the big bang.

China’s Lidu Fireworks is the first competitor. Find out more about them below. Next up, Brazil July 29 ,followed by Canada August 1. Read more…