Places Closing Faster than We can Type


There are a bunch of store closures that still need a write-up at some point. There’s at least two on West 4th that we haven’t reported yet, at least two on West Broadway, and probably a few more that we have simply missed.

Turn-over has always been extremely high anywhere in Kits, so this is nothing new. And January probably has to be one of the worst months for closures. Having said that, though, it just feels different. Like the closure of Karma. Some of these places look like viable stores, and yet they are shutting down. Are these places closing because they have to, or are they bowing out now, before it’s too late?

But, as Urban Dweller suggested here, hopefully there is a little bit of a silver lining in that landlords may finally start looking at their rents.

And although they are outnumbered by the closure posts that still need to be written, there are also a few new store openings that we haven’t reported yet. So stay tuned. 

Last modified: January 23, 2009

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