Arc’teryx has won a temporary court injunction in a trademark dispute on West 4th Avenue.

The conflict began when Adidas opened a store at 2235 West 4th, near Arc’teryx’s location at 2201 West 4th.

Arc’teryx claimed Adidas’ use of the triple stripe “performance bar” symbol with the word Terrex caused consumer confusion.

Justice Nigel Kent has ruled for Arc’teryx, as Adidas hadn’t trademarked Terrex. The case will go to trial. The injunction affects only the Kitsilano store.

Last modified: May 17, 2024

One Response to " Arc’teryx Secures Injunction Over Adidas Terrex Signage in Kitsilano "

  1. guylaine says:

    wow… people do sink low sometimes, and i find it a sad part of humanity.
    who in the world doesn’t recognize the much older adidas logo? and one of the world’s most recognized logo at that.
    there is no resemblance to arc’teryx whatsoever, other than the “pronunciation” — and that is very thin ice in a court case.

    long run… arc’teryx will not win this one.
    it’ll just make lawyers rich.

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