John Bishop’s transition to a well-deserved retirement hasn’t been easy.

On March 5th of 2020 Bishop announced that Bishop’s would be closing for good on August 1st, after 35 years of operating on West 4th Avenue in Kitsilano.

But the pandemic changed those plans and he announced that his legendary dining establishment would remain open until the end of the 2020.

Plans changed again earlier this year when Bishop announced that the restaurant would continue to operate “a little longer” due to the demand they’ve seen from the public.

Since then the restaurant has been fully open and Bishop was again preparing for retirement but planning to keep Bishop’s open for another year to give his team time to wind down.

But has learned that the story doesn’t end there.

Abruptly, the new building owner has tripled the rent at 2183 West 4th Avenue.

Bishop tried to renegotiate his lease for another year but the landlord is firm and Bishop and his team must move out.

The last night of service at Bishop’s Restaurant will be December 31st.

Bishop’s, 2183 West 4th Avenue, 604-738-2025,

Last modified: January 11, 2022

One Response to " Rent Increase Shutters Bishop’s Restaurant "

  1. kits says:

    Now the selfish landlord gets nothing. They triple the rent and forced a restaurant to close earlier than planned. Bishop announced retirement in 2020 and want to remain open a little longer for customers to visit before he retires.