Earlier this year, John Bishop announced that he was closing Bishop’s on August 1st after 35 years as one of Vancouver’s most popular restaurants.

But COVID-19 has changed all that and today he announced that Bishop’s will now remain open until the end of the year.

“Just before COVID arrived, we announced that we were closing after 35 years and I wanted to give our customers the chance to dine with us one last time,” said Bishop.

“We were even going to organize special theme nights as a way to celebrate and thank our customers. Then along came COVID-19 and suddenly, like everyone else, we were closed. Now that we’re open again, albeit with social distancing, we want to give our customers the chance to join us and say good-bye. In fact, our customers have said the new social distancing with fewer tables is more romantic with just 20 guests rather than our usual 40. Who knew there could be a silver lining to a pandemic, but there you go, love always seems to find a way.”

The iconic farm-to-table restaurant in Kitsilano now offers two 20-person sittings, open Tuesday to Saturday 5:30 to closing. Take-out is also available for those who are more comfortable enjoying Bishop’s at Home.

“We’re going to make the most of the next five months so that when we finally close our doors at the end of the year, we have absolutely no regrets,” added Bishop. “We’re going to have a great time, we’re going to cook some fabulous food, and we’re going to enjoy our customers and show them how much we appreciate their friendship and business over the past 35 years.”

Bishop’s, 2183 West 4th Avenue, 604-738-2025, bishopsonline.com

Last modified: August 11, 2020

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