If you’re a regular reader of Kitsilano.ca, then you’ve heard of multi-award winning AnnaLena and their creative powerhouse, chef Mike Robbins.

Located on West 1st Avenue, AnnaLena was named to the 100 Best Restaurants in Canada list in 2020. But the accolades don’t stop there.

Robbins is known for constantly innovating whether it be his menu or entire restaurant concepts like Their There and Hundy on West 4th Avenue.

AnnaLena is also Kitsilano’s best example of a restaurant successfully navigating the Covid-19 pandemic with interesting promotions like their Strange Times takeout menu.

Robbins is a true collaborator and you’ll find his latest concoctions at Bimini’s Beer Hall.

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The Kitsilano landmark has been through a renaissance with a revamped interior and impressive craft beer menu to match but that wasn’t enough for the Donnelly Group. To improve their food culture they turned to friend of the group, Robbins.

Robbins is a collaborating chef on seasonal signature dishes bearing the mark of a contemporary yet approachable culinary style often found at his restaurants including Their There and Hundy.

Tasked with reimagining and reinvigorating their culinary program, Robbins has created new dishes for Bimini’s menu including a Chicken Katsu Burger, a Tuna Melt Sandwich, and Five Spice Bolognese pasta bowl.

Time your visit to Bimini’s to take advantage of their Happy Hour in the afternoon from 4pm to 6pm, Monday thru Friday, and check out one of Robbins dishes when you’re there.

Bimini’s Beer Hall | 2010 West 4th Avenue | donnellygroup.ca/bimini

Last modified: December 15, 2021

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