If you want to stay on top of the Vancouver foodie scene, Scout Magazine is the place to be. They’re always in the know and this week Editor-in-Chief Andrew Morrison let the cat out of the bag regarding a well-kept Kitsilano secret.

The folks behind Kitsilano’s Annalena and Their There are getting ready to open their newest project, a burger restaurant named Hundy.

But where in Kits you ask? It turns out Hundy will be a restaurant within a restaurant, located inside Their There at 2042 West 4th Avenue.

I first learned about Hundy almost 7 months ago. Annalena co-owners Jeff Parr and Mike Robbins were showing me around the construction site at the new cafe spot they’d acquired for their then soon-to-open Their There concept, and I noticed that they’d cut off some 300+ sqft of 2,300 sqft behind a 7 ft. wooden wall topped with plants. What gives? Oh, that? That’s the next thing, they told me, and proceeded to lay out their grand plan.

Behind that convertible wall are four, six-person booths which will grow the space to 55 seats. The now-not-so-secret access point will remain hidden during the daytime while Their There is operating and open only when Hundy takes over at 5pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

According to Morrison Hundy will focus on simple burgers (Two Rivers’ brisket and shoulder), really good double-cooked fries (house-punched) and a tightly curated selection of high quality local beer.

Hundy is on track to open at some point just before or after Christmas.

Hundy, 2042 West 4th Avenue, hundy.ca

Image: Scout Magazine

Last modified: December 18, 2018

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