According to The Vancouver Coffee Snob there is a ridiculous number of new coffee shops opening soon in Vancouver.

While there are a few established local brands opening additional locations around the city, a handful will be new to everyone—Coho, Foglifter, Harken, Winston, and Enroute in Kitsilano.

Part coffee shop, part bike rental place, part clubhouse! This is the brainchild of some really well known faces in the local road biking scene. It’s almost certainly going to have Phil and Sebastian coffee, but only time will tell!

Scheduled to open on February 23rd, Enroute is located at West 1st Avenue & Yew in the space previously occupied by Tehran Market, next to Chewies Oyster Bar.

Enroute’s timing couldn’t be much better with Starbucks recently shuttering their Cornwall & Yew location and local cycling-themed shop Musette Caffè closing its doors for good on February 29th.

Enroute, 2205 West 1st Avenue,, instagram

Last modified: February 27, 2020

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