After 27 years at the corner of Cornwall & Yew, the Starbucks location across the street from Kits Beach has closed. For good.

Located at 1500 Yew Street, this Starbucks location has been part of the Kits Beach community forever.

For those that still need a Starbucks fix, you can head three blocks east grab your latte at 1895 Cornwall or go south to 2270 West 4th Avenue. reached out to Starbucks Canada for a comment and they responded:

We continue to experience high growth in Canada and are proud of our success. As a normal part of doing business, every year we open many new stores, we close some, and renovate/relocate a few others. We consider many factors when we make these decisions.

When we decide to close a store, we go to great lengths to minimize negative impacts: we offer affected store partners (employees) roles at other stores, we communicate to customers and community neighbors in advance and advise them how we will continue to support them moving forward.

Image: Jordan Armstrong


Last modified: January 17, 2020

4 Responses to " Starbucks at Cornwall & Yew Closes Forever "

  1. Matt says:

    Or if you want a really good cup of coffee you can simply go across the street ti Viva. They actually bake thier own goods and are a LOCALLY owned business.

  2. Mark Smith says:

    This sucks. I go there every day

  3. Jonathan Schembri says:

    I have been going to this Starbucks since it opened . I consider this the best location in Vancouver as it was always full with customers and had a fantastic view. SHAME ON YOU! You have closed so many locations and have taken away 2 of my favourite spots (the other one is on Davie StreetI. This was an extremely BAD decision. I am, going to boycott Starbucks and I hope that other people will do the same. Starbucks you have really gone downhill!!

  4. Tom Ostrow says:

    Really dumb move!