Where better to enjoy a sunny day than one of Vancouver’s beautiful playgrounds. We picked three top playgrounds for you to explore, all on the west side of the city.

1. Nobel Park (at Ross Drive and Wesbrook Mall)

UBC is dotted with little playgrounds but Nobel Park’s playground is probably the best and one of the largest. It’s rarely busy as only the campus residents seem to be familiar with it (plus it’s surrounded by construction sites), but that’s perfectly fine as it keeps the grounds clean and the two swings available.

The most notable part of the playground, besides the rope climbing tower, is the modern water feature which is inhabited by some shy koi fish. Adjacent to the playground is a lush baseball diamond and community garden. Note that there are no washrooms on site so the closest facilities will be at the Wesbrook Community Centre and the UBC Farm.

2. Hastings Mill Park (along Point Grey Road, between Alma and Highbury Street)

The setting for the revamped playground at the Old Hastings Mill is fantastic as it’s perched just above the beach allowing for a wide vista of downtown Vancouver and the North Shore, with the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club docks just below. This is a welcoming and friendly playground with a perfect mix of locals and tourists, and the nature-inspired play structures are suitable for a wide range of ages.

The tall trees at the edge of the grassy park are often home to bald eagles, and dogs are abound. Note that there are no washrooms on site so the closest public facilities are at the first concession stand at Jericho Beach, just a few minutes walk west.

3. Trimble Park (corner of Trimble Street and West 8th Avenue)

An old favourite of many Vancouverites, West Point Grey Park is known as Trimble Park to the locals. It’s a vast stretch of green space where kids of all ages come to play, and it makes for the perfect birthday party venue, too. The play structures could use an update but that doesn’t seem to impede on any of the fun.

In the summer months the wading pool is filled up and the West Point Grey Community Centre hosts many family events here. There are picnic tables and washroom facilities on site and parking is easy and free.

Last modified: March 21, 2020

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  1. Michelle says:

    Playgrounds have now been closed and are the perfect place to spread the Coronavirus, please retract!