Christmas in Kitsilano Gift Guide: What to Get For Kids


Simpsons Lego

The Simpsons House by Lego

The countdown is on – it’s three more weeks till Christmas! Not to worry, we’ve got great Christmas Gift Guides for you, including gifts for mailing, and now, gifts for kids. Sure, kids can be easy to buy for, but not if you’re trying to avoid getting any Frozen merchandise. Check out our gender-neutral gift ideas for kids based on their early career choices, all available in and around our Kitsilano neighbourhood – we’re quite sure your little one will forget all about that popsicle princess.

Christmas in Kitsilano Gift Guide: What to Get For Kids

1. For the Aspiring Architect
You can’t really go wrong with one of the best-selling toys of all time – Lego. This Danish brand of plastic building blocks has been around since the 1950s and it has inspired countless creative minds ever since. Lego can be played with starting at the age of 1.5 (Duplo) all the way up to the teen years, and adulthood for that matter. Whether your kid is a Star Wars, LOTR, Minecraft, The Simpsons, or Little Mermaid fan, there’s a Lego-themed set for every preference (and budget). Get yours at Toybox or Toys R Us, both on West Broadway, or No Pirates Allowed on West 4th Avenue and Kaboodles on West 10th Avenue or Granville Island. Not into Lego? Try the build-it-yourself Geometrics  playhouse from Hape, available at Hip Baby on West 4th Avenue. Includes furniture and people for $68, for ages 3 and up.

2. For the Brave Bone Digger
Dinosaurs never get old. And they’re not just for boys. Choose from realistic Schleich models (starting at $5) available at Kaboodles on West 10th Avenue and Chapters on West Broadway, to robotic interactive versions like the Zoomer Dino ($99) for ages 5 and up. Get it at Chapters or Toys R Us on West Broadway. And, the smaller Schleich models will fit nicely in the Sy Dinosaur Lunch Box ($32) available at Pebble on Arbutus Street.

3. For the Eager Entrepreneur
Got a copy-cat on your hands? You know the one doing a perfect rendition of you multi-tasking with your cell phone in one hand and a credit card in the other while buying a latte? Or perhaps the contents of your wallet can always buy you a few extra minutes of quiet time? Do your kid a favour and get em a cell phone already! Of course, not a real one (they already play with yours anyway). And think about getting a play cash register too. Perfect for counting and playing shop. Find realistic phones by B Toys (for ages 1.5 and up, $18) and wooden cash registers by Hape (for ages 3 and up, $43) at Kaboodles on West 10th Avenue or Granville Island.

4. For the Perfecting Plastic Surgeon
Another classic and endless fun toy from the 1950s is Mr. Potato Head. This face-creating set comes in various versions including a Darth Tater version, a Mrs. version, and even a Transformers Optimash Prime version. Bonus – you don’t have to raid the bottom of your fridge for an old potato (the set comes with a plastic potato body but originally you had to use a real spud). For ages 2 and up. Starting at $10 and available at Toys R Us on West Broadway.

Last modified: December 5, 2014

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