Christmas in Kits Gift Guide: 5 Ideas for Your BFF


Image: Wishlist Boutique

Image: Wishlist Boutique

Gift exchanges, secret Santas, holiday parties, potlucks – with so much going on in the coming weeks there are a number of occasions on which you’ll need gifts handy for your girlfriends. Whether she’s the host of the party, a draw out of a hat, or a bestie who you swap presents with every year, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving her something special. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite gift pit stops in the neighborhood with their best offerings for best friends this season.

5 Ideas for Your BFF

1) Tea Collection from David’s Tea


David’s comes out with delicious limited edition teas for every occasion, and this season’s selection is spectacular. Many of my friends will be receiving the Holiday Collection, a yummy mix of three Christmas teas (Santa’s Secret, Sleigh Ride, and – my favourite – Eggnog), as well as a measuring spoon and tea filters. It’s quick and easy for you and sure to be a hit with your bestie.

David’s Tea, 2230 West 4th Ave., 604-734-3440,


2) Gift Box from LUSH


LUSH is the perfect place to score a gift for your best friend, as all this season’s limited edition products are wrapped up in over 40 new holiday gift boxes ready to go. My favourite gift this year is called Shine. With eye-catching wrapping around luxurious almond marzipan soap, champagne scented lotion, and a glittery bath melt, it’s an indulgent treat that every girl will appreciate.

LUSH Cosmetics, 2248 W 4th Ave., 604-733-5874,


3) Jar Candle from Wish List


One of my favourite places to pick up gifts for girlfriends, Wish List has a huge variety of knick knacks and accessories that you’ll end up adding to your own list. Right now I love the Volupsa candles in mini amber glass jars. They smell delicious and look beautiful. In fact if you give one alongside a LUSH bath bomb, you’ll be setting her up for a perfectly relaxing (and fragrant) night in.

Wish.List Boutique, 2811 W Broadway, 604-676-8070,


4) Statement Ring from XO Bella


A chunky ring is a staple this season and XO Bella has a great selection of oversized rocks in every shape and colour. If her taste is a little more understated, then they’ve also got a gorgeous range of mid finger rings (the latest jewelry craze) in gold and silver. Statement jewelry is so much fun to pick out for a friend, especially if you get something outside her comfort zone that she’d never think to buy for herself.

XO Bella, 2294 W 4th Ave., 604-558-4589,


5) Darby’s


Who doesn’t love to receive a little festive cheer in a bottle for the holidays? Hit up Darby’s for your best friend’s gift and maybe she’ll be nice enough to share with you. They’ve got some excellent local craft beer that makes for a fun present, or if that’s not her style then you can grab a bottle of bubbly and really get into the holiday spirit.

Darby’s Liquor Store, 2001 Macdonald St, 604-731-0617,


6) Necklace from Flok


Flok is another of my favourite neighbourhood shops for jewelry and accessories. Their necklaces are over the top style-wise while right on target with the price tag. You’ll be spoiled by choice while trying to pick out the perfect necklace for your best friend, as they’ve got a wide range of colours and styles with each one as pretty and bold as the next. I’m most tempted by the neon floral collars – they are definitely statement pieces.

Flok, 2870 W Broadway, 604-569-2870,

Last modified: December 10, 2014

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  1. Maureen says:

    Don’t forget about Oh My Gift on 4th! I always find something for my BFF’s there.