Christmas in Kitsilano Gift Guide: What to Get For Out-of-Towners


Chocolate Arts Xmas Wreath

The Christmas Wreath from Chocolate Arts

Canada Post deadlines for gifts to be mailed are getting closer and closer… Stop procrastinating and take a look at what we have sorted out for you – the perfect gifts for mailing to relatives (and friends too), and all are available in our Kitsilano neighbourhood. Pick them up this weekend and have them ready to send on Monday.

Christmas in Kitsilano Gift Guide: What to Get For Out-of-Towners

1. For the Parents
A box of superb chocolates from Chocolate Arts on West 3rd Avenue or Koko Monk on West 1st Avenue are always welcome. Choose your parents’ favourites or get a ready-made-box, and there are various box sizes to pick from. The chocolate letters and wreaths from Chocolate Arts are fun too, and ask about seasonal specialities such as the Eggnog Truffle Cup from Chocolate Arts or the Bailey’s Irish Cream hearts from Koko Monk. Use some vintage fabric from The Salvation Army or handy tea towels from Ming Wo, both on West 4th Avenue, to wrap the chocolates in. Don’t forget the “fragile” stickers on the mailing box! You wouldn’t want any of those cocoa beauties to get squished on their journey.

2. For the Grandparents
Grandparents can be tricky to get gifts for as they usually have everything they need or want. What they would love though, are photobooks filled with family images. These can be made and ordered online from the London Drugs Photolab and picked up from the West Broadway location within a few days or less. Add a homemade card for some extra bonus points. You can pick up card stock at Avalon Stationary on West 4th Avenue.

3. For the Kids
While books are an easy gift to send (and appreciated by the parents) and can be bought at Kidsbooks on West Broadway, other thoughtful gifts in convenient packaging sizes are 24-piece jigsaw puzzles, sticker books, colouring books, and magnetic travel games, all available from the newly reopened Toybox, also on West Broadway.

4. For the Siblings
Whether or not you are on speaking terms with your brothers and sisters, it’s still a good idea to send a little something their way. Perhaps a favourite nostalgic candy that you both used to spend all your hard-earned pocket money on? Like Nerds or Gummy Cola Bottles? Find those at The Candy Aisle on West 4th Avenue. Or what about a welcoming package of select teas from David’s Tea or O5 Rare Tea Bar? Both are on West 4th Avenue as well.

5. For the Cousins and all those other Random Relatives
Socks are useful. Socks filled with little goodies are useful and fun. Go ahead and mail a stuffed stocking. Get socks from Roots or American Apparel, then fill them with things like lip balms from Lush, matchbox cars and Lego minifigures from No Pirates Allowed, earbuds from Shoppers Drug Mart, and small travel accessories from Wanderlust such as first aid kits, luggage tags, even some guidebooks and maps could fit inside a sock! All of these stores are on West 4th Avenue.

Last modified: November 21, 2019

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