Icebreaker Launches Yoga Collection for Women


image006If you’re bored with Lululemon or simply looking for yoga wear made from better textiles, Icebreaker‘s new yoga collection should pique your interest. The merino specialist (located at 2089 W 4th Ave.)  is launching its first yoga-inspired garments for Spring/Summer 2014.

Image: Icebreaker

Image: Icebreaker

Wool is ideal for fitness, as our lumberjack B.C. residents of yore can attest to, because  it breathes to prevent overheating, resists odour and feels pretty nice, even when you’re sweating.

The line includes merino wool tops, leggings and hoodies for women. These aren’t cable knits. We’re talking light, soft and airy. If you’re thinking the way I am, you’re also going to want to wear them on your next jog.

Icebreaker, 2089 W 4th Ave., 778-329-2710,

Last modified: April 8, 2014

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