Easter treat shopping for a young child this week?

You may want to consider some alternatives to the usual sugar-laden options, so try these 5 sugar-free Easter treats and activities for tots below. Of course, you could always include a few pieces of that divine stuff from Chocolate Arts in their baskets. You could eat it for them and do their teeth a favour, right?

1. Toy Eggs

Choose from colourful egg-shaped percussion instruments or wooden play food eggs for toddlers, and Playmobil eggs filled with toys such as fairies and robots for preschoolers. Check Kaboodles Toy Store in Point Grey, Camelot Kids at the Granville Island Kids Market, and Pebble Baby in Kitsilano for these items.

2. Go Easter Bunny Spotting

Take a stroll in Jericho Beach Park and watch many wild but curious bunnies hopping in and out of the brambles. Remember not to feed or touch these creatures though, as tempting as it may be. And visit the nearby ponds that are home to mallard ducks, Canada geese, and tame little blackbirds that are equally inquisitive.

3. Colour Happy Eggs Together

Get some red cabbage (for blue), turmeric powder (for yellow), and beets (for pink), plus a bit of vinegar and salt, and a dozen hard boiled eggs together for a bit of safe and beautiful Easter egg colouring fun. Or buy a ready-made kit with natural dyes from Knotty Toys at the Granville Island Kids Market. Use white wax crayons, elastics, or string to create designs on the eggs prior to dipping them in the dye solution.

4. Bunny Books

You can never go wrong with a great classic such as the I am a Bunny board book, illustrated by Richard Scarry, any of the Peter Rabbit books from Beatrix Potter, or Home for a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, all timeless favourites. Find them at Kidsbooks on West Broadway in Kitsilano.

5. Reusable & Refillable Eggs

Head to Daniel’s Chocolate in Point Grey for delicately illustrated paper mache Easter egg boxes handmade in Germany. They are a sturdy keepsake to reuse every year. Purchase them empty or filled with Daniel’s fine chocolate if you wish. While at the store, try their freshly baked French pastries too!

Last modified: April 12, 2017

4 Responses to " 5 Sugar-Free Easter Treats for Kids "

  1. Cathy says:

    Looking for chocolate eggs made without refined white sugar. Maybe a recipe on how to make them at home? Unrefined sugar is fine. No artificial sweeteners tho.

  2. Cathy says:

    I think you could just use an extractor and stain h.b. white eggs with various colored juices from: beets, carrots, berries……..?

  3. Jane Burton says:

    Thanks for the ideas Lisa. Decorating eggs is always a favorite in our house. If you have your own chickens it’s even better!
    Cathy, my free Paleo Desserts book may be helpful because it’s full of yummy sugar free treats great for Easter.
    Happy Easter everyone.

  4. J. Taylor says:

    Check out the Easter offerings at Lush as well. Lots of nice bubble bath, bath bombs, etc for kids in cute easter shapes.