Best Spring Style Finds in Kitsilano


Image: Miz Mooz

Image: Miz Mooz

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, eyes are itching, and the sun is peeking through the rain every once in a while. One of my favourite things about Vancouver is that we get four distinct seasons every year, and what better way to mark the start of a new season than with a new purchase? Spring screams bright colours, fresh patterns, and fun accessories. I scoured our local shops to find the best springtime treats to don from head to toe.

Best Spring Style Finds in Kitsilano

1. Bright make-up from LUSH ($18.95)
LUSH boasts an array of fresh, handmade, locally-made skincare and haircare products. New to the brand is a line of make-up called Emotional Brilliance, consisting of thirty highly-pigmented colours, each labelled with an emotion or quality. My favourite face: Passionate, a hot pink liquid lip colour, with Calm, a baby blue liquid eyeliner, and Sophisticated, a shimmery taupe cream eyeshadow. The bright colours are so fitting for spring, and the creamy rose wax and jojoba oil base conditions your skin, leaving you looking fresh all day.
LUSH Cosmetics, 2248 W 4th Ave., 604-733-5874,

2. Round sunglasses from XO Bella ($179)
This shop is always overflowing with pieces that perfectly mix flirty femininity with loud creativity. The abundance of floral prints, patterned shorts, and pretty sundresses make this a go-to spot for warmer weather wardrobes, but what’s really drawing me in this spring is their collection of Wildfox sunglasses. With obnoxiously thick rims and perfectly round frames, these LA-based designs will not only shield your delicate eyes from the sun, but will also make heads turn as you pass by.
XO Bella, 2294 W 4th Ave., 604-558-4589,

3. Floral necklaces from Flok ($24)
This small but beautiful shop nestled on West Broadway is brimming with local designs that are perfect for Spring. For me, its specialty is its jewelry collection; it has to be my favourite spot this season to stock up on statement necklaces. Floral jewelry is where it’s at this year, and there’s definitely more than enough to go around at Flok. My number one pick is a gorgeous gold chain necklace sporting three big shiny yellow daisies. It’ll make you feel sunny even on those April showers days.
Flok, 2870 W Broadway, 604-569-2870,

4. Print dresses and blouses from Shine
Shine has a wide range of new, sample, consignment, and vintage clothing, making this the ideal spot to find your one-of-a-kind piece. Raw gem stud earrings, flowy scarves tattooed with everything from flowers to giraffes, skin-tight Crayola-coloured jeans, and floral print leggings fill the shop. The highlight this season is their spring selection of dresses and blouses. Expect lots of unique pattern, bold colour, varied texture, Peter Pan collars, and hi-lo skirts. Come here to wile away a rainy day hunting for your perfect sunny day outfit.
Shine, 2970 W Broadway, 604-738-0738,

5. Bandage skirts from C. by Chelsea
Born in Vancouver, this brand offers pretty pieces year round but definitely blossoms in the Spring. Loud patterns in bright colours, structured dresses, and lightweight printed pants can be dressed up or down to go from day to night in a flash. My favourite piece right now is an orange and black brocade bandage skirt, sitting high on the waist and flowing out from the hips. It’s the epitome of the brand: classy and fun at once, it can be paired with a simple tank or an extravagant blouse, making it suitable for any occasion.
C. by Chelsea, 1834 W 4th Ave., 604-568-6617,

6. Neon bags from Wish List ($30-$40)
Wish List carries a wide range of local and international accessories and make-up that I always enjoy browsing, but what immediately caught my eye on my last visit was their collection of Stephanie Johnson cosmetic bags. Available in a variety of sizes, the Careyes line from this LA-based designer features a kaleidoscope pattern in neon colours, with a bright yellow liner and bamboo zipper pull. Intended as make-up carryalls, I would actually use one of these eye-catching totes as a handy clutch alongside a sundress for an evening out.
Wish.List Boutique, 2811 W Broadway, 604-676-8070,

7. Flats from Miz Mooz ($125)
With a unique collection of quirky and playful footwear, it should be no surprise that I round out this eclectic list with a colourful pick from Miz Mooz. The shop has a never-ending supply of beautifully made, stylish, comfortable shoes, and this season’s gorgeous April design is no exception. Available in eleven colours, from orange to pick to silver, these premium leather, round-toe, lace-up flats can be perfectly paired with all of your Spring fashions.
Miz Mooz, 2177 W 4th Ave., 604-739-7430,

Last modified: April 3, 2014

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