Federal government suddenly closes Kitsilano Coast Guard Station


I went for a 5:00pm run past the Kitsilano Coast Guard Station last night and a crowd was gathering. They were not there to view the eagle family that lives in a tree overlooking the station. They were there to stage an emergency vigil. We all knew the base closure was happening “this spring” but few knew it was happening so suddenly – yesterday, February 19.

 The Province reports:

“The news came as the provincial government was busy revealing its budget, a move by the federal government some have called ‘sleazy.’

Staff at the base only learned earlier in the day via a shipping news website that direction had been given to close the base. Soon after, they were told to pack their lockers right away and take any personal belongings before the doors were shut and locked.”

The closure is said to save $700,000 a year. The cost in lives is unknown and has been the anti-closure group’s rally cry. The federal government predictably responded by saying they have put alternative measures into play to ensure safety.

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Last modified: February 22, 2013

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