Vancouver Observer challenges readers to recall what used to be in vacant spaces on West 4th Avenue


6b63a95740f8afb9ed35f69725a5-500x375Vancouver Observer writer Jordan Yerman is challenging Kitsilano residents by asking: How well do you really know Kitsilano?

The real estate article asserts that West 4th Avenue has an unusual number of vacant storefronts and “second-highest commercial rent in Vanouver, with only Robson Street being less affordable.” The author goes on to say “businesses have to thrive in order to survive: there’s no just scraping by on West 4th.

In turn, when a storefront becomes vacant, it will more likely be occupied by a chain store, or at least a business with more than one outlet.”

The article calls on readers to try and remember what used to be in Kitsilano’s vacant storefronts. It’s a game.

So go take a look at the photos of eight empty storefronts in Kitsilano and let us know if you remember the stores

And remember: “No cheating, now. No Google Maps, no phone-a-friend.”

Last modified: February 22, 2013

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