What to do this weekend in Kits: August 24-26


Photo credit: Flickr user jared_smith


1) Pick blackberries, August 24-26. Pockets of dark juicy fruit are now ripe at spots throughout Kits. Yesterday, my neighbour boasted about eating three cupfuls on the Kits Beach path. You’ll spot them at intervals along the path, under the Burrard bridge and in neighbours’ gardens. Best of all: they’re free.

2) Protest the Kitsilano Coast Guard Base closure, August 25. Residents are still up in arms about the seemingly senseless base closure. If you’re keen to have a say, head over to Vanier Park at 1pm to join the anti-closure rally. RSVP here.

3) Brunch at Sophie’s Cosmic Cafe, August 25-26. Why? ‘Cause everybody else is doing it. Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger

4) Ogle real estate, August 25-26. According to our expert, the market has finally shifted in buyers’ favour. Make your way to an open house.

5) Taste vino, August 25. Saturday, from 4pm to 6pm, at Kitsilano Wine Cellar, you can get slightly buzzed on vinns by Aussie Peter Lehmann as you shop for your evening meal. This is a free, public event.

Last modified: August 24, 2012

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