Hollywood Theatre celebrates 75 years in Kitsilano


The Globe and Mail’s Tom Hawthorn pointed out this week that the Hollywood Theatre at 3123 West Broadway opened its doors 75 years ago this month.

The 651-seat Kitsilano landmark is believed to be the oldest family-owned theatre in the land.

Hollywood Theatre

On Oct. 24, 1935, which was Thanksgiving Day, moviegoers flocked to Vancouver’s newest cinema to watch a program featuring shorts and two features – Lightning Strikes Twice, a comedy starring Ben Lyon and Thelma Todd, and Life Begins at Forty, featuring the humourist Will Rogers as an easygoing newspaper publisher battling heartless bankers, undoubtedly a popular storyline for Depression audiences. (The beloved Rogers had died in a plane wreck in Alaska two months earlier.)

Tickets cost 10 cents, with another nickel charged to sit in the balcony.

The Hollywood is celebrating the anniversary with a three-day celebration this weekend.  Lights will be set up on the street to illuminate the night sky, while volunteer actors dressed as old-time ushers will serve wine and canapés. A candy girl will circulate. The Friday to Sunday double bill features 2010 release The American (starring George Clooney) and Casablanca, the romantic drama released seven years after the Hollywood opened its doors.

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Last modified: October 22, 2010

5 Responses to " Hollywood Theatre celebrates 75 years in Kitsilano "

  1. Karinkits says:

    So, is the celebration at the Ridge ot at the Hoolywood- two different theaters mentioned in the article?

  2. Rob says:

    Sorry Karin – typo. Fixed. The celebration is at the Hollywood Theatre.

  3. SarahKits says:

    What a great place,such joy the place brings… Can u find a cheaper theatre with double flicks for $5 anywhere else??