Kits woman seeks return of stolen bike with ‘sentimental value’


Giant bike similar to the one stolen from Jillian Allison

Today in the The Vancouver Sun, Neal Hall wrote about a woman from Kitsilano that is hoping someone will return her stolen bike. This isn’t just any bike though. Jillian Allison’s bike has “extreme sentimental value” as it belonged to her late sister, Krista.

Krista died in August of last year, three days after giving birth to her third child. She developed a pulmonary embolism, triggering a fatal heart attack. On the one-year anniversary of her sister’s death, Krista’s husband gave Allison the bike, which was almost new.

Jillian was working out at She’s Fit on Saturday afternoon when her 2009 Giant Boulder SE W mountain bike was stolen (similar to the one pictured).

Jillian isn’t looking for sympathy or a replacement bike, she wants to recover her sister’s bike and needs your help. If you see this bike, get in touch with the police.

Last modified: October 20, 2010

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