False Creek Fueling Station Closing


False Creek MarinaBad news for boaters and marine life in False Creek. Back in February we reported that there was still a chance that the Esso fueling station underneath Burrard Bridge would be saved from closure if Imperial Oil could find a suitable partner to buy the station. Well, it appears that they did not, as News1130 reports that the station will close September 30.

While there is still a Chevron station in Coal Harbour, the trek around Stanley Park is apparently not one boaters like too much because of the currents. And getting there and back can cost boaters as much as $20 to $100 in gas.

Unfortunately this means more boaters will fill up their tanks using jerrycans, leading to more spillage into the water.

Photo by Sandra Regina

Last modified: August 25, 2008

4 Responses to " False Creek Fueling Station Closing "

  1. ironic that they open up false creek to visitors from afar but we have no fueling capacity to help our guests. Could this be an “Olympic” initiative.

  2. Darcy McGee says:

    How would you like that to happen Larry? At one point Spencer Herbert was proposing the city buy it: do you really want your tax dollars going to a private venture to be enjoyed only by those wealthy enough to own pleasure craft (which is all the station served.)

    If so, will you please remit my tax portion as well?

    I’d bet that the Royal Vancouver Yacht station puts a pump in, if the city permits them too. Failing that, one of the other private marinas should attempt to do so.

  3. Bill Barilko says:

    “getting there and back can cost boaters as much as $20 to $100 in gas.”

    Not even close.

    $20 at full speed for the most bloated barge Yes but no boat in this town, and I used to work in the marine trades industry, burns $100 for that short a trip.

    The Royal Yacht Club is all about sailing, as is most boating here, there will be no new marine gas stations.

    Boating is a dying industry, people in Vancouver aren’t that interested in the outdoors, despite living in the middle of a gorgeous setting.

  4. nola chi says:

    It’s not just pleasure boaters. There are a lot of charter boats and party boats that operate out of Granville Island.

    The trip to the Coal Harbour Fuel Dock may look short on the map, but the currents are strong and dangerous for small boats under the Lion’s Gate bridge. Sailboats don’t go very fast; the trip will cost me a least an hour, and I’ll have to wait for slack water. And at slack water, you will be rubbing elbows with large freighters. In the fog the journey can be frightening or simply impossible. I’m sad to say I’ll be using jerry cans more than I’d like to. Coal Harbour fuel dock is not a great option, and there is no other.

    I have a photo of the ex-fuel dock taken from the water in August 2008. You can see it here:


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