A Simpathetic Power Outage


We often walk past Simpatico (2222 West 4th @ Yew) and tell one another how we should go there some time. In the three years that we have lived in Kits that some time never came. In fact, the closest we have gotten to Greek dining in those three years is a more than respectable take-out meal from Athene’s about a month ago and our annual visit to Greek Day. Until yesterday that is.

Having my office shut down by the power outage had the fortunate side-effect of being able to meet up with my wife and the twins for a leisurely lunch at Simpatico. The place doesn’t look like it ever has or ever will produce fine dining fare, but it certainly does deliver on some basic Greek food goodness. I decided to go with the lunch special – a roasted piece of lamb with roast potatoes, rice, Greek salad, and tzatziki – and felt I got great value, both money and taste wise.

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And today, on the second day of the outage, we were finally able to check out the new incarnation of Moderne Burger at lunchtime. Thank you BC Hydro.

Last modified: July 15, 2008

One Response to " A Simpathetic Power Outage "

  1. DoubleNN says:

    Sure, just don’t have their “boney souvlaki”. Yuck.