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La QuerciaAs always, Urban Diner had the scoop back in May that a new upscale trattoria – La Quercia – was set to open at 3689 West 4th (@ Alma). And then again earlier this month that the website is up and has a menu posted. And yesterday a video of the pre-opening dinner he attended. Looks like they will be open for business very soon. The website looks beautiful and the menu promising.

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Urban Diner has also been giving regular updates on Trattoria Italian Kitchen, and we have been diligently copying (and linking to) his work. Most recently, Andrew gave TIK a favourable review in WE:

Pastas, of which there were eleven, surprised the most. At the original Italian Kitchen downtown, I’ve found the pastas to be inconsistent. I sent one back once, something I’d never done before (I forget the reason, but not the disappointment – like jumping into a pool only to find it empty). Here, they nail al dente, and the sauces are refreshingly uncomplicated. A chef I once worked for used to say, “Italian food is the simplest expression of the fewest ingredients.” They seem to understand that here, capturing reasonable facsimiles of Mama-esque authenticity.

Together, these two new West 4th trattorias nicely bookend Kitsilano, and I can’t wait to try them both. Although realistically it may be a while…

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Last modified: August 17, 2010

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