Pulse Sales Centre Closed, 2020 Opens


We were saddened when our local ice cream store – LKK Gelato – closed down. Now we’re even more saddened that its spot – 2636 Arbutus Street (@ West 11th) – has been taken over by yet another condo sales centre.

The sales centre next door for Pulse had only just closed its doors, but 2020 was swift to move in and fill the “void”.

The condo complex in question will be built just around the corner on West 12th at Arbutus, pretty much across the street from another new development called Locarno.

While condo sales centres will never become my favourite stores, the one for 2020 is particularly annoying. They are obviously trying to announce their presence, but did they really have to put 4 (!) sandwich boards out on the sidewalk?! There are people with double strollers you know…

Last modified: June 28, 2008

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