Decisions are made every day. Many of them smart, rational, sympathetic, well-thought-out, maybe brilliant even. On the flip-side, it’s also evident that many many decisions are just downright dumb, stupid, dangerous, some catastrophic even. Kitsilano.ca is hardly the place to start a philosophical rant on global decision making, so I will limit myself to decisions on a local level. Why? I sometimes find it difficult to understand what goes on in people’s heads when they make certain choices.

For instance, why would somebody decide that it is a good thing to take a shortcut around a roundabout when making a left turn? I see this on a weekly basis, and it just boggles my mind. Obviously convenience and time-saving are at issue here, but for some inexplicable reason, safety for oneself and others apparently doesn’t enter the equation.

The main reason to start this post however, came from something I saw on my stroll over to the local Rogers this evening. Somebody has sprayed graffiti on several shop windows and walls along Arbutus (between West 10th and West 11th). The picture shows the graffiti on the wall and window of LKK Gelato (who, I’m sad to say, have a "for lease" poster in the window). Similar graffiti has been sprayed on La Petit France, the window next to Subway, the Pulse information centre, and Canadian Carpet & Tile. Another display of baffling decision making at work.

Last modified: June 2, 2008

4 Responses to " Why? "

  1. James says:

    Baffling. Simply Baffling.

    My thinking is most of these behaviors (driving like an idiot, spraying graffiti, not picking up after your dog, spitting on the sidewalk etc) is just a symptom that people just don’t really have a proper sense of community and of thinking of other people.

    Hopefully the graffiti morons are just young and stupid and will grow out of it..

  2. Stefan says:

    I would also like to ask why Kits highschool locks up their tennis courts a good 3 weeks before they are actually going to be selling Christmas trees in there? This Saturday there was probably 20 people milling about around the courts trying to find any way possible inside to play a game. I am quite sure this went on all day too.

  3. Wasn\’t it a mistake for the City to erect those roundabout islands a year or two ago? As a pedestrian, I feel much less safe walking along Yew or Vine.

  4. Jan says:

    I share your dismay, Eric, at such behaviour. We all need to be teaching our families the importance of respect for others. Thanks for speaking up about it!