Bring ID or Friend to Quadra By-election


Elections CanadaWhile we’re on the topic of politics, Kits dwellers west of Arbutus (or Maple, down in Kits point) should remember to bring some form of ID to the Vancouver Quadra by-election on March 17. While in the past ID was required to register to vote, this time you’ll need it at the polling station as well. From the News 1130 report:

Susan Friend with Elections Canada says a driver’s license, which contains your photo, name and address is sufficient. Or you can produce two original pieces of identification, both containing your name, and one containing your address. She says bank statements will also be okay.

But if you don’t have ID, there’s a way around it. Friend says you can take an oath as long as you bring a friend who’s on the voter list to vouch for you.

Last modified: February 25, 2008

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