Culinary Tidbits


Looks like the Feenie watch is over. UrbanDiner – via the Vancouver Sun – reports that Rob Feenie has joined Cactus Club to become their “food architect”. Not sure what to think of this. I don’t think it’ll lure me into Cactus Club though.

Speaking of casual fine dining, reviews of the Yaletown Pinkys are mixed. Andrew Morrison (in the WE) is not excited, a reader of The Vancouverite calls it a douche-a-palooza, Raj is impressed, and reviewers on both DineHere and urbanspoon give it high marks. I guess we’ll just have to go check it our for ourselves once they open their West 4th location.

Last modified: June 2, 2008

4 Responses to " Culinary Tidbits "

  1. Patricia says:

    Should be interesting to see what Mr. Feenie can do with the Cactus Club. It’s not unlike Karl Lagerfeld/Stella McCarteney desiging a line for H&M.

  2. Erik says:

    That’s a nice analogy. It would hold if this turns out to be a temporary gig or one on the side.

    The first thing that came to my mind was Beckham joining the LA Galaxy. Seen by many as a waste of talent and “selling-out”, but it did certainly raise the Galaxy’s profile.

  3. bebby says:

    I’m confused. I recently saw Mr. Feenie on a white spot commercial…

  4. Raj says:

    Raj here – let me know when you go to Pinkys next, I’ll join you. I’m craving one of their rib steaks.