Pinkys: More Mixed Messages


StopWe’re probably going to have to wait a little longer before we can try Pinkys’ steaks for ourselves in Kits. Although the plywood surrounding the new restaurant features a stylish black and pink banner with the words “opening very soon!”, that same plywood barrier now also features a stop work order from the city of Vancouver. Apparently Pinkys’ has a building permit, but not one that allows them to completely gut the place.

According to the stop work order, they stand to pay a $5000 fine for every day that they continue working. Looks like they will have to wait for the proper building permit to be approved before they will continue construction.

[UPDATE Feb 28: The stop work order is gone from the plywood, but it is difficult to tell whether renovations have resumed.]

Photo by Kyle Jones

Last modified: February 28, 2008

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