This Time Might be the Last I Fear


My wife being pregnant with twins, she gets cravings. KFC offers prime craving food. Today my wife learned that the KFC on Broadway (@ Trafalgar) is closing down. This Sunday will be the last day it’s open. The suddenness appears to have caught the staff by surprise, as they were initially told the place would close down in a few months.

Kits doesn’t have a ton of fast food chains to begin with (for North American standards that is), and this closure will reduce it even further. Luckily for my wife, KFC and Church’s Chicken are about equidistant.

Last modified: February 9, 2008

2 Responses to " This Time Might be the Last I Fear "

  1. Jayne says:

    Congratulations to you & your wife, Erik. A double blessing!

    I have a deep dark secret as a Kitsgirl which is that I too have suffered KFC cravings from time to time. Then I read about all the horrible ways they treat chickens. I vowed never to go near KFC or Church’s again. Which is not easy considering I walk by Church’s on a regular basis. Often at lunch.

    Think of it as a good thing – if they take these places away carnivores like us will at least have more time to mull over our transgressions as we search for the next available outlet!

  2. steve-o says:

    Take the opportunity to explore other food choices in the neighborhood. Or better yet, learn some new recipes and get your wife craving YOUR food instead.