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I was a hair model once. And that would be “once” in the sense of “one time only”. Hair stylists from the famous London-based salon TONI&GUY had been flown in to train some local Dutch talent and they needed some people who had waited too long to get their hair cut. Enter me and my college hair.

Not only were the stylists there to push the TONI&GUY line of products, they were also showing off some new techniques. For the poor guy who had to cut my hair it meant using just a straight razor. This was clearly a first for him, which ended up being extremely unfortunate for me and my scalp. It took well over an hour of continuous hair pulling to produce what has to be one of the worst cuts I have ever received. And my head hurt for a good two days after. An abrupt and unfortunate end to what should have been a glorious hair modeling career.

Anyway, a very long story to say that a TONI&GUY salon is set to open on West 4th (above Fab). This will be their second location in Vancouver as they already have a salon on Alberni Street.

I treasure my scalp (and money) too much to leave the wonderful “Kick @ss” Katie.

Last modified: March 17, 2008

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