As far as on the street celebrity sightings go, I haven’t got a very impressive list… Hot Hot Heat in Gastown, the drummer from Sum 41 at a Toronto bar, Troy and Nick from the first season of The Apprentice at another T.O. spot, and Finch from American Pie in Times Square.  So I’m wondering today if I’ve added someone arguably more "illustrious" to the list. 

The other day on Broadway I was walking towards a couple that I noticed only because I liked the girl’s shirt.  When we crossed paths, the girl made some baby talk comment to my dog and when she smiled, I could have sworn it was the allegedly bitchy but definitely sexy Jessica Alba.  I know she’s been in Vancouver a lot in the past but I don’t think she’s filming anything here now.  If it wasn’t her though, it was a very impressive facsimile of her and boyfriend Cash Warren.  The thrills really never stop around here, hey? 

Last modified: December 9, 2008

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