It’d be way too easy to make a pun on “Thai” here


My family is in town for a few days, and I asked them what sort of food they’d like to eat while they are here.  Before I could finish the question, my mom yelled "Ethnic!"  Like mother, like Thaielephant_1 daughter, I guess, with the loud talking and the penchant for worldly cuisine.   I figured we could start with Thai.   Based on a recommendation from my lovely and cultured boss (Dorothy, are you reading this?), we decided to check out Montri’s on West Broadway just east of Alma.  I’m not qualified to comment on the authenticity, but the menu was extensive and the six dishes we ordered were fresh, delicious, satisfying, and reasonably priced.  There are options for relatively cautious ethnic food lovers like me, as well as for those who will eat absolutely anything, (with the seemingly random exception of pickled beets), like my dad.   

Last modified: July 13, 2006

One Response to " It’d be way too easy to make a pun on “Thai” here "

  1. Thai-lover! says:

    Montri rocks!