Paradise found


The next night of my family’s gastronomic tour of Vancouver got off to a slow start…I had my heart set on Indian food but everyone else was still full from a hearty English lunch at The Diner in Point Grey.  I convinced my dad to come with me to Jolly’s Indian Bistro, mostly chosen for its proximity because we had a movie to get to at 7. 

Jolly’s servers that night were two exotic beauties whose accents I could not place.  They were calm, quiet, and a bit inattentive with the water jug once the place started filling up.  I found it easy to forgive this lapse due to the fact that the menu offers butter chicken with naan, rice, and salad for 9 dollars!  Of course, it wasn’t the best butter chicken I’ve ever had, but it was a decent portion that certainly hit the spot.  I’ve honestly never seen that dish offered for less than 13 dollars, and that’s just for the chicken and the sauce!   Since I am still working on becoming a beer drinker, I did not partake in the special that offered the same butter chicken platter with a beer for 11 dollars, but I can certainly see its appeal.  My dad enjoyed the meat special, the price of which now escapes me but was certainly reasonable.   Bottom line, for a cheap curry fix in a charming setting, Jolly is your man. 

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Last modified: July 29, 2010

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