Kitsilano churro war claims first casualty


At a party once, when my courage with respect to liquid courage was called into question, I yelled indignantly, "I have a degree in tequila!"  Would that were true, I’d have minored in churros.  Maybe a double-minor in churros and guacamole.  The point of this story is: I know churros, and churros are good.  I’ll admit sometimes churros look far less than appetizing, but rest assured, taste played no factor in the recent demise of Churrolicious.  Though the website makes no mention of their closure, the store on West Broadway is currently up for grabs and the owners are looking for a new location.  Clearly, the Kitsilano market was super-saturated with chocolatey syrup and dulce de leche. 

I confess I haven’t yet eaten at Hola Churro! but a churro is a churro is a churro.  Their website contains many of the linguistic hiccups that a former Spanish major like me finds hugely endearing.  The store itself seems more engaging and cozy.  The biggest plus: no creepy anthropomorphized churros.   Hopefully we get to keep at least one vendor of the crunchy/chewy/sugary dough sticks in the neighbourhood.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll be checking them out soon, while the getting is good.   

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Last modified: November 18, 2008

5 Responses to " Kitsilano churro war claims first casualty "

  1. Devon says:

    You were the first to introduce me the the world of churros… and come to think of it the world of tequila as well. I give thanks for this, and miss your sarcastic witty comments, and am even more thankful for the discovery of your Blog.

  2. Kimmy says:

    Devon, I only wish that could make up for also introducing you to the world of parasites!

  3. Morgan says:

    When I come visit (and I say when because I WILL) we shall indulge in some churros, perhaps some tequila, and definitely some guacamole.
    I am hearting this blog. But mostly you Kimmy.

  4. Mayo says:

    Gracias por los tips

  5. Lily says:


    Only straight girls eat churros. I prefer tacos.

    I know I’m gross – chalk it up to working with Ssssssssssteve.