Clinton is in da haus


This is an emergency broadcast from your newest, friendly neighbourhood writer for My name is Clinton and for the past few months I’ve been disseminating my questionable views about Vancouver city life for another fine weblog,

Rob first stumbled upon one of my restaurant reviews earlier in the year. Clearly a man with an eye for raw talent, he wasted no time in offering me a contributor position on his own piece of the blogosphere.

I am thrilled and honoured to be here! As a life-long Vancouverite, I’ve fostered the necessary balance of love and hate for this fine city. Luckily, Kitsilano is a place I have a lot of love for, even though I reside within the boundaries of West Point Grey, Kits’ quieter, more prim neighbour. I often find that, yeah, there isn’t much to do here in the Point and I would much rather walk the 5 steps into Kits to seek my excitement.

Kitsilano: You gotta admit the area is hard to beat: the young’uns, the beaches, the hippy-yuppies AND there’s a Lululemon store. What’s not to like?

So come with me on this wild journey where I’ll wax poetic on all that is obvious and obscure about Kitsilano!

Last modified: May 8, 2006

4 Responses to " Clinton is in da haus "

  1. Paul says:

    Lululemon is a blessing and a curse. Hot in the hotties and gawd awful when a fattie packs into the gear. Oh well, live and die by the sword.

  2. Clinton says:

    lmao! I needed a laugh this Monday morning. Amen, brother. It would be more ethical for Lululemon to screen their customers better and cut down on the stuffed sausage syndrome that you’ve described. Bad for business, true, but great for pervy guys like yours truly.

  3. Paul says:

    hey, when’s the next update?? or are you lazy bums still drunk at kits beach??

  4. Into Clinton says:

    Where did Clinton go? Come back pleeeaaassseee!