Loitering around Kits Beach


Icy_hot_stuntazI haven’t posted for awhile as I’ve been out enjoying the Kitsilano sun. Unfortunately, everybody else is too. It’s amazing how the Kits demographic changes this time of year in direct correlation with a shortage of parking spots. Vanmega nailed it earlier today with his post on the obvious signs that summer is here – half-drunk/half-naked wiggers from Surrey loitering around Kits Beach. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Last modified: May 18, 2006

5 Responses to " Loitering around Kits Beach "

  1. Mikey says:

    Holy shit, is that ever the truth. I was just down at the beach tonight after work sitting on the grass and chillin out. Next to us is a group of idiots who were definately 3 or 4 bridges from home. All you can hear is “wassup bitch!” and “yo bitch!”. Please don’t come down here anymore. Really, please don’t.

  2. Rob W says:

    Now come on Mikey, that’s a grossly inaccurate representation of the fine people of Surrey.

    It’s “bee-at-ch” not “bitch”.

  3. Why are you guys being so mean to Moe? If he’s half-drunk, pour him some coffee. If he’s half-naked, tell him “nice t-shirt but please put some shorts on”. Give him some cred, he is bringing the sunshine all the way from sunny T.

  4. Bubba Sparx says:

    From White Rock in my I-Roc I will be hittin ‘your’ beach this weekend…(after I drop my babies momma off at her parole hearing). Watch for me and my boys we will be the ones blasting the new Shawn Desmond CD.

  5. Moe-Grande says:

    Glad to see we have other fans of the ‘Stuntaz. Remember ( write it on your arm) -last bus home to Sunny T is at 12:30 pm sharp… dont pass ou.. I mean fall asleep or you may have a nice round trip through Surr.. I mean White Rock.