Jacob’s Voicemail Spam


James over at Work Industries beat me to the punch with a post yesterday on the marketing methods of local realtor Jacob Krause. Jacob’s automated marketing voicemail spam hit my phone number with the same lame message on the morning of April 25th (I saved it with the intention of eventually mentioning it here).

Vancouverhousingmarketblog_1 Jacob must be having trouble getting any new real estate listings and is branching out in to the untapped market of apartment renters that don’t actually own their homes. Jacob – I don’t need my pad appraised. I’m a renter and when I do decide to get into this crazy Vancouver housing market, I won’t be calling you. Next time, do your research and target people that might actually be interested in your marketing message… and have the respect to call them live.

This truly is the worst type of telemarketing as you can’t opt-out. When my call display warns that a telemarketer call is incoming, I’ll answer it but only to tell them to take me off their list. Jacob’s method didn’t even give me the option. Bad Jacob.

Last modified: May 6, 2006

One Response to " Jacob’s Voicemail Spam "

  1. Mikey says:

    What an idiot. I just love how all these tools describe themselves as “one of Vancouver’s top realtors”. If that shit was left on my voicemail, I’d phone the guy and repeatedly enquire about homes that don’t exist. Then I’d take a long hot shower to scrub the house salesman sludge off me.