He won’t make jack at JACK


Jackhair_1I’ve been getting my haircut at JACK on Cambie since it opened and I can’t complain about their great service and the cool atmosphere they’ve created. Cara cut my hair for the 1st time yesterday and I’d definitely recommend her to anybody considering trying them out. JACK’s mandate is to provide men with a ‘guy-friendly environment’ to get their hair cut – a step up from the traditional barber shop:

In an industry that caters to only half the population (and it’s not us, fellas) JACK felt it was about time to start leveling the playing field. Men want an affordable, low maintenance haircut that makes them feel good about the way they look. Add that to a comfortable, guy-friendly environment and you’ve found JACK. A place where you’re glad that you’re a guy.

I was taken aback yesterday when I sat down to have my pre-cut MVP treatment (a 5 minute head massage and hot towel) and in the chair next to me was a guy getting his hair washed by a male stylist. Now, I have no problem with male hair dressers, but JACK’s business model doesn’t really support them.

Last modified: October 2, 2005

2 Responses to " He won’t make jack at JACK "

  1. The Toddler says:

    I never new Cambie street ran down into Kits. Must be writers block.

  2. The Toddler's babysitter says:

    Apparently, the Toddler doesn’t KNOW how to spell!