MacFourth reminds us that West 4th doesn’t end at Balsam


Macandfourth The good shopping and eating on West 4th doesn’t end at Balsam St. – and the good folks over at want you to remember that. We’ve mentioned a couple great restaurants – Topanga and Jolly’s – in the vicinity of West 4th and Macdonald, but be sure to visit some of the other retailers west of the main strip. MacFourth does a great job representing the businesses especially considering the unofficial nature of the site:

MacFourth is not the official name for the area, nor is it a registered Business Improvement Association (BIA). The shops and restaurants in this neighbourhood are unique and innovative. Many of these locally-owned businesses are destination shops, and some of the finest foods in the city are available right here. We invite you to explore online the many interesting shops and businesses of the 2600 to 3000 block of West 4th Ave., and make MacFourth your destination soon!

Tamara and Darcy of Drexoll Games (congrats on 3 years in business!) are the brains behind MacFourth and they’ve managed to convince the neighbouring business owners to participate. The website is a work in progress as they add interior photos of stores and restaurants to accompany the cool streetscape shots. Hats off to MacFourth.

Last modified: July 29, 2010

One Response to " MacFourth reminds us that West 4th doesn’t end at Balsam "

  1. darren says:

    Drexoll’s service is awesome. Tamara and Darcy have truly set a great example with that little purple box of fun on west 4th.