Jack could swing at this Regal Beagle


Last week on Terminal City, Meita Winkler let us know what she thinks of Kits. While I don’t agree that Kits is for Hippies, I can confirm that dumpster diving in Kits is lucrative (our alley regulars own homes on the westside) and that the Regal Beagle on West Broadway is the swinging place on to be on weekends.

RegalboobBest Bar/Restaurant/Pickup Joint: Hands down, the Regal Beagle has everything a single guy/gal could ask for. I never watched Cheers, but I’m willing to bet it was a lot like the Beagle. To its credit it has two distinct areas and a large patio for seating; cute, friendly, under-25ers, and old yummy waitresses; great bar selection, including beer on tap and Wild Turkey, and above average food from the open-concept kitchen; rockin’ tunes, and bathrooms for each gender on both sides—plus it’s cougar central every Friday and Saturday night. Lineups are long on the weekend, so get there early.

I have no doubt Jack Tripper could swing at this Regal Beagle and if he wasn’t happy with the vibe or had to duck Lana he could always slip out to Lola Cabaret (the old Side Door) a couple doors down… that’s of course, if he could get in. We dropped by a couple weeks ago and they had a huge line-up to the sidewalk reminicient of back when the Side Door was the place to go off campus for UBC students.

Last modified: October 3, 2005

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