Not valid for parking in Kitsilano!


The folks at City Hall are coming down on and our promotional stickers. Yesterday, I received an email from a city engineer stating:

If you are distributing these in any way then stop doing that immediately or we may pursue legal action. If people attempt to use them mistakenly or otherwise then they will be ticketed and towed and I doubt if that will serve your promotional purpose in a positive way.

I understand his concerns but I don’t actually believe that any of our readers are stupid enough to think that a sticker with a beer stein insignia and the phrase "NOT VALID FOR PARKING" across it might actually try to use it as a parking permit. While they may look alike from a distance – upon closer inspection they are nothing alike – different shape, different color, and very unofficial copy.

After a quick conversation on the phone with said city engineer, it turns out the bigger problem is people are putting them on public property such as lampposts. So, if you’ve got a sticker that you haven’t stuck yet, stick in on something that you own as long as it doesn’t have a windshield.  Thanks!

Last modified: November 18, 2008

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