Non-locals converge on Kits Beach


HsbcThe HSBC Celebration of Lights kicked off tonight and Kits Beach was invaded by thousands of screaming spectators – I don’t envy tomorrow morning’s beachcombers. Mikey and I had a pre-fireworks dinner at the new Cactus Club Earl’s Milestone’s Moxie’s on West Broadway – the concept is definitely not original but they certainly spared no expense on furnishings and our server, Amy, was great. We managed to make it home before the traffic barricades were up but did get a chance to survey the crowds before the show started. The beach was packed with campers in the prime unobstructed patches by 7:00pm and our local bottle & can collectors were making a killing. If you caught tonight’s show, be sure to vote for Canada if they impressed.

Last modified: July 27, 2005

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  1. Alison says:

    Just thought I’d pass this along

    if you haven’t seen it already – it’s an easy way to check out the beach to see if it’s really worth trudging through bodies just to find a spot next to a log…