The City of Vancouver has announced that the Kitsilano Outdoor Pool will remain closed this summer. This decision was made after careful consideration and will allow staff to address a number of core issues with the pool. 

Despite repairs made during the off-season, the pool is still losing a substantial amount of water, making it impossible to balance pool chemicals. Vancouver Coastal Health has confirmed that the pool can not be operated safely in its current state.

The extended closure will allow staff to fully investigate the ongoing water loss and make the needed repairs to the underground piping and basin required to extend the facility’s useful life. Staff also plan to install a custom liner which is expected to extend the life of the pool.

Kitsilano Pool was built more than 50 years ago and is at the end of its service life, with many components failing, deteriorating, and in need of repairs. 

Last modified: June 5, 2024

5 Responses to " Kits Pool To Remain Closed This Summer "

  1. Dale says:

    Please get this Vancouver gem up and working. It is truly a highlight of the summer!!

  2. Bill Wadsworth says:

    The whole reason the pool is such a state of disrepair is a result of the lack of regular ongoing maintenance. PERIOD. This is all result of the Parks Board’s incompetence and neglect. There is no such thing as preventive maintenance with the VPB. They wait until things break before they do anything, and we all pay as a result. In both time and money.

  3. Barbara Lynn Sikorski says:

    Agree; this pool is a main attraction for tourists and locals alike.
    Tax dollars could be better spent .
    The city has been “in charge “ of maintenance; what maintenance?
    This late decision affects our family and many families.
    There was a long winter and a previous summer to research and plan for this repair.
    My vote is for a change in administration.

  4. Renata Zaleska says:

    What a huge loss for kitsilano and the the city to not have Kitsilano pool open this summer.
    I know may people such as myself that countdown every year to the pools opening.
    Kits pool is the heart of the kitsilano neighbourhood and our beautiful city.
    I really hope that the Parks board does everything it can to preserve this iconic gem.
    I don’t understand why the board isn’t doing all they can to remedy the repairs and have the pool open later this summer!?
    Why did they just give up? I hope our property taxes are put to good use and they repair the pool as soon as possible.

  5. Sam B says:

    Not pleased to hear this news about this iconic pool. Truly unique to have 137m uninterrupted beside the ocean, and its disappointing that this facility has not been maintained. This is not easy to replace. Park board has more explaining to do

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