Water Restrictions Limit Lawn Watering To Weekends


Metro Vancouver water restrictions came into effect on May 1st with limits on lawn watering, both residential and non-residential.

As part of Stage 1 of the water restrictions, residents are only allowed to water the lawns — either by sprinkler or by handheld hose — on Saturday or Sunday.

Residential lawn watering allowed:

Even-numbered addresses: Saturdays
Odd-numbered addresses: Sundays

  • Automatic watering: 5am – 7am
  • Manual watering: 6am – 9am

Non-residential lawn watering allowed:

Even-numbered addresses: Mondays
Odd-numbered addresses: Tuesdays

  • Automatic watering: 4am – 6am
  • Manual watering: 6am – 9am

Watering trees, shrubs, and flowers allowed:

Any day from 5am – 9am if using a sprinkler (or any time if hand watering or using drip irrigation).

  • All hoses must have an automatic shut-off device.
  • Edible plants are exempt from regulations.

Check out the complete regulations online here.

Last modified: June 11, 2024

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